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6.7 Partially loaded areas Eurocode 2 (EN 1992-1-1)

(6.7 Iš dalies apkrovos veikiamos zonos)

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(1)P For partially loaded areas, local crushing (see below) and transverse tension forces (see 6.5) shall be considered.

(2) For a uniform distribution of load on an area $A_c_0$ (see Figure below) the concentrated resistance force may be determined as follows: $$F_R_d_u=A_c_0·f_c_d·√{A_c_1/A_c_0} ≤ 3.0·f_c_d·A_c_0 \;\; \text"(6.63)"$$ where:
$A_c_0$ is the loaded area,
$A_c_1$ is the maximum design distribution area with a similar shape to $A_c_0$

(3) The design distribution area $A_c_1$ required for the resistance force $F_R_d_u$ should correspond to the following conditions:

The value of $F_R_d_u$ should be reduced if the load is not uniformly distributed on the area $A_c_0$ or if high shear forces exist.

(4) Reinforcement should be provided for the tensile force due to the effect of the action.

Reference: Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures - Part 1-1 : General rules and rules for buildings

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